First of all, not Sean Connery. This guy is American, and so, compared to Mr. Connery, has a really bad accent. No insult intended, but Sean Connery has one of the coolest voices in the world. Official.

So, back on topic, the video below is a true wonder of digital art - a speed painting of one of the Thunder Run screenshots by YouTube artist Sean McCoy, also known by his channel name as Str8Artist. Promoted by the official Battlefield twitter channel, this video, using Adobe Photoshop, was done entirely from scratch, and, well I'll let you see for yourselves how good the end result is.

Battlefield 3 - Speed Painting By03:31

Battlefield 3 - Speed Painting By. Sean McCoy

And, just for show, the picture he was re-creating.

BF3 sc1

Enjoy, and comment (on topic preferably) responsibly.

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