I think the title will let it explain everything. L_Twin, known normally as Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE's General Manager, has revealed in an EA PWNED interview (1), and across Twitter, that the Commo rose of BF2 fame "will" be in the PC version of Battlefield 3, just not in the BF3 build version shown at GamesCom. I'll let his words confirm this all:

"Oh BTW, like I just confirmed in my first interview: There will be a commo rose on PC in #BF3 but it's not in the build shown at #GamesCom."

Coming off of the back of new screenshots, multiplayer info on weapons, attachments etc., two new gameplay trailers and huge hype at GamesCom 2011, DICE are definately pulling out all the big guns to make Battlefield 3 the most successful Battlefield to date. And, frankly, it is certainly turning out to be so.

Battlefield 3 is being released on the 25th October in North America and the 27th October in Europe - nicely coinciding with the UK half-term school holiday. An Open Beta is taking place in September, with Medal of Honor: Limited/Tier 1 edition owners getting 48 hours of early access. Better be starting publically on a monday then...

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