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Heatedpete October 17, 2010 User blog:Heatedpete

Ok, a lot of you will probably know about me having exams this year, and hopefully this will help you to understand what i have to do this coming year.

(Brief) Timeline

  • January 2010)
    • Mock Examinations begin
    • Science Module 1 retakes
    • Science Module 2 exams
  • February 2010
    • Graphics exam starts
  • March 2010
    • Module 1 retake and Module 2 exam results
    • Certification of science exams (i.e. what GCSEs i wanna get a result for)
  • April 2010
    • End of coursework
    • Exam preparation begins
  • May 2010
    • Study leave begins
    • Exams begin
  • June 2010
    • Exams finish
    • Text books handed back
    • 11-week summer holiday (possibly wikia fest) begins
  • August 2010
    • Final results handed out.

Grades i wanna achieve

Exam Title Grade i wanna achieve Predicted grade
Physics A* A*
Chemistry A* A*
Biology A/A* A
Maths A* A
Additional Maths A* ? (seen end note)
English A* B/A
English Literature A B/A
IT A* A*
Spanish A* A/A*
Graphic Design B C
Electronics A* A*
History A*


Science modules

Science Module 1 result Module 1 re-sit result Module 2 result Module 2 re-sit result Module 3 result Overall Grade
Biology 100 UMS ? ? ? ?
Chemistry 95 UMS ? ? ? ?
Physics 100 UMS ? ? ? ?
Electronics 63/70 N/A ? N/A N/A

If you have any questions, please ask!

- BFBC2 ta58P043HeatedPete 16:40, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

(end note - Additional Maths isn't included in Yellis testing, so predicted grade isn't calculated.)

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