Listen guys. I know this may sound incredibly sad and unannounced to almost everyone here (yes I know, I am such a god amongst TUs... </jokes>) but, due to a combination of real-world factors, as well as the fact that I lack any form of enthusiasm to do anything right now, I have taken it upon myself to decide that, for now, I will be withdrawing from editing on the wiki.

This is more like BP's retirement than SSD's, in that I will be back, but, considering now I'm going into a critical exam period for me, I feel it right to take an extended break from editing on the wiki. This break will not be effective immediately - I have a few things I will sort out over the next couple of days, but, come Tuesday, Heatedpete will be going inactive for a long while. Maybe I'll come back in a month, maybe in two months. I have no idea. But, right now, I bid goodbye to the wiki.

It's been a very good time here. I've had a bag of laughs, learnt a nice amount of coding .CSS, and have tried my hardest to improve colonial - I mean international relations... I'll still be available for any advice anyone needs, and I'll still be on Battlelog if you desperately need to contact me if the wiki goes tails up. But, for now, adios, arriverderci, goodbye, farewell, and <scottish accent> piss off </sa> (<- for scottish people) from Heatedpete. It has been a very high honour (note the spelling!!!) to be a part of the community...

  1. Redirect P043HeatedPete - 23:58, December 17, 2011 (UTC)

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