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OK, so like me, every DICE fan with a brain is now looking towards the 2012 Games Developers Conference for information about any DICE DLC or patches for Battlefield 3. What I was thinking is something more like the Thunder Run demo last year, with a big, on-stage presentation. Well, that's the problem...

KM Troedsson, aka ‏ @L_Twin tweeted this an hour before this blog went up:

Confusion. FYI we're not presenting at GDC, as always we're having a separate PR gig for media at a top secret... bar.

Any thoughts? Will EA pull rank and force a behind-closed-doors presentation to select media, or will we have another Thunder Run? Will DICE get what they want - a presentation in a bar? Discuss (Nicely!) below and get ready for a big month... probably... maybe... OK, just forget it.


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