UPDATE Although you probably already know this, the Back to Karkand expansion pack will be released for the PS3 on December 6th (for North America), December 7th (for the Rest of World), and will be released for the Xbox 360 and PC on December 13th, for all territories. Cue ranting and raving from PC elitists wanting everything to be PC-only- oh wait, this isn't the Battlelog forums...

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"O-man! What a map!"

— Comment on YouTube video

Yeah. That guy really thought he was funny...

So, we're nearing December, and that means one thing - Back to Karkand. Or if you're me and have no qualms about not having Battlefield 2 and/or not being a PC-BF2-elitist arsehole who trolls about on the Battlelog forums about how bad BF3 is compared to BF2, it's merely called "Karkand"3. But well... Over on Battlefield Blog the lovely internet people there have given us a new gameplay trailer for the Gulf of Oman and some (well, very few) details on the three new vehicles in the game... or is it four...

Battlefield 3 Gulf of Oman Gameplay Trailer01:41

Battlefield 3 Gulf of Oman Gameplay Trailer

The new trailer shows us the three announced vehicles in Back to Karkand - the F35B Lightning (II)1, which here shows off it's party piece - a vertical take-off system that can also allow pilots to fly the plane at very low speeds - essential for those low-level strafing runs that always seem to miss (as well as being shot out of the sky...)

Also shown are the BTR-90, which is basically another armoured beast for annoying non-Engineers/non-Supports, and the Desert Buggy, which looks the most enjoyable - as well as the most vulnerable.

As well as that, there has been a new announcement for the expansion - a new, fourth vehicle. I know what it is, but debate amongst yourselves if you don't know...

We also see a bit more of the new weapons in the expansion, as well as a lovely bit of PC rendering - because the consoles aren't as good, PC-elitists will always say. Get off my blog nubs and back to your tentacle porn...2

To finish off, a nice quote from Niklas Fegraeus, lead designer on the expansion:

"I wanted to complement what we already have in the base game, plus I wanted to bring back some of the classic vehicles from Battlefield 2 that we know players loved, such as the Short Take-Off/Vertical Landing fighter jet and the desert buggy. In today’s trailer, you can also get a first glimpse of a hitherto unannounced fourth vehicle bound to strike fear into the very hearts of the enemy. See if you can spot it!"

— Back to Karkand Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus

A final note from the wiki - we've got some classification nominations open, so check those out and vote for them here.

Also, as Skyrim has come out... err... what's Battlefield again... </sarcasm>

  1. Redirect P043HeatedPete


  1. For those who don't know, the P38 Lightning I was a fighter during WWII. And the F-35B Lightning II is a Harrier-copy to Brits with knowledge, and to others a good plane
  2. A DCRU Colin reference
  3. I call the expansion pack Karkand because I've never actually played on Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman or Sharqi Peninsula. I have played on Wake Island, but come on! Who hasn't???


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