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I'm back

Well, it's been a long week down at Soul Survivor Week B, but anything with 12,700 teenagers and young adults in one tent coupled with a dose of huge sound systems is bound to be great.

So, i ask the community, what has been happening over the week? Anything important, or just business as usual?

And for those who don't know about Soul Survivor, it's a Christian mega-festival (started in the UK), where over 10000 youth and adults (per week) attend a festival celebrating Jesus. Loud music, funny talks and 80s dance music in a hall called "Mr Boogie's" are just some of the things that are also on offer.

thumb|300px|right|The weekly tradition of Mike Pilavachi singing (while dressed up as batman!)

And also, a Greek Englishman singing tone deaf in front of a facebook/youtube generation.

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