Dunno whether some of you guys out there have found these lately, but, curtosey of DICE, we have some new screenshots of Battlefield 3. Enjoy, and please, comment nicely.

Now, also we finally have some actual console gameplay on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show (or whatever it's name is. I don't watch US prime-time TV, cos I'm in England...) Check it out on YouTube. The gameplay shows the Fault Line level, except with a few differences, mainly the player's weapon sporting a Holographic sight, some particle changes (possibly due to the changing nature of the game from Pre-Alpha to Alpha stages), and, of course, the game being run on the PS3. But, to be frank, the capture quality is terrible, so don't go complaining about consoles being inferior to the PC. Otherwise, you're simply a Battlefield Troll. Yes, they exist, as Colin states, as "elitist PC assholes", although not all PC BF players are like this.

It is just over four months till the release of the game, and details are sure to be coming in the near future. So, look to Bovril or our new Wikia RSS feed. A link is at the bottom of the page. Happy viewing!

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