No, this isn't a review of Battlefield 3. What I'm about to link to is one of the most amazing TV builds I have ever seen. All based around our wonderful (and for me upcoming) game Battlefield 3.

For those who don't know, the Gadget Show is a British show reviewing all the latest gadgets and tech from smartphones to personal hovercraft - oh, and they also do do some gaming stuff as well. But, having built a functional rollercoaster simulator IN A FRONT ROOM, a full replica of The Pit from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and competing an SAS soldier against host Jason, the team decided to go one further - making a fully immersive combat simulator, based around Battlefield 3. This show was aired yesterday (Oct. 24th) in the UK, and may not be available to all watchers as it is a UK TV channel.

But for those who can watch it, the segments you're looking for are the first, third and fourth parts of the show (as defined by advert breaks). Trust me, some of the tech, and the way the final result looks, makes any gaming computer look absolutely *insert negative expletive here*

The link to the show on Demand 5

Have fun, absolutely no hating due to the other side reference in the blog, and I'll see you on the battlefield. Literally, if I had that kit...

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