According to a news post on Battlelog, there will be a upcoming patch for the PS3 that will be aimed at fixing the VOIP (Voice over IP) issues that have been prevelant since the game's release.

Many Battlelog users have been complaining about the VOIP issues on the forum, citing the VOIP issues as the cause for a lack of teamwork in Rush/Conquest and PTOing on the PS3 multiplayer. Initial reaction to the news has been good, but, as with previous patches, it is unknown whether the issues will be fixed by this patch.

The date for the patch has not been released.

In the same post, it was also said that there were a considerable number of bans and stat resets to deal with cheating in Battlefield 3, in what DICE claims to be their largest crackdown ever.


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The date for the patch has been now been released. More details here.

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