Yeah, you heard it. Another trailer for Battlefield 3 has been released, alongside a new YouTube series being hosted by Gamestop. Down to business...

Battlefield 3 TV Launch Trailer01:02

Battlefield 3 TV Launch Trailer

The new trailer is Battlefield 3's TV Launch trailer, which uses the common question among YouTube Battlefield fans - "Is it real? Or is it Battlefield 3?"1. The trailer, which uses a clever mix of live-action and in-game footage, makes a nice change from many FPS launch trailers, which simply show a lot of explosions, death and violence for viewers to drool over. However, in this trailer, DICE hints on the realism that they are attempting to match by blending clips of US-style soldiers2 and in-game footage together.

But, for the less enlightened, it also includes explosions and violence (though, because its a TV trailer, no death)


  1. Many top-rated comments on Battlefield 3 YouTube videos have been along the lines of "I can't tell whether it's real or not" or "Why are they posting real footage"
  2. Uniforms and equipment match those of active-service US soldiers. Most likely US Marines, due to the singleplayer of the game being about the USMC...

The Controller - Battlefield 3 Series Trailer01:18

The Controller - Battlefield 3 Series Trailer

A new Gamestop series, entitled "The Controller", involves six gaming pros baing paired up with six gaming noobs, and subjected to physical and gaming challenges as a duo - except that the pros can't touch the controller1. The series, which started on the 21st October, is hosted Jonny Moseley alongside FreddieW, who's job is to make havoc. The website for the show can be found here (UK version).


  1. The show uses the PS3 platform. Whaddya know about consoles, hater?

So, with a small number of days left to go, it's time for everyone to get ready. The wiki will be putting information up on the 25th, Day 1 for the US. Any and all pages will be editable, and as always, admins and Trusted Users are here to help.

Also, per this forum we will be changing video policies, starting tomorrow or Monday (depending on how bothered I can be), and also a Wikia-run test will be starting soon, so any videos uploaded to pages from must NOT be removed, however bad they may be. OK, any one that could possibly incite flaming can be removed, but try not to delete them when editing pages. That is all for now, and, as always, I'll see you on the battlefield... 3 days after the lucly Yanks get there... (stupid EA and their staggered releases...)

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