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  • Hello Losers

    New gameplay of Battlfield 4 was shown at E3 showcasing the previously unseen multiplayer seen here. *3 days old actually but apparently wasnt big enough news for a post :p* Taking place on the map Siege of Shanghai , multiple new features have been shown and confirmed such as the return of the commander mode, 64 player gameplay on the next-gen consoles, and new factions. New compenents have also been featured with enhanced destruction and map dynamics seemingly quite prominent along with the expected array of new vehicles and weapons. The new concept of levelution is also seen by a flag situated atop a large skyscraper being relocated to the dust clogged remains of said building after collapse giving…

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  • Hello Losers

    Aftermath releases today

    November 28, 2012 by Hello Losers

    The newest Battlefield 3 expansion pack Aftermath releases today allowing players to experience warfare in the aftermath *ucwatdeydidthere?* of a catastrophic earthquake in the middle east. This expansion also comes with multiple new modified vehicles, a new weapon the crossbow, and the new game type called scavanger in which players search the map for various weapons to gain the edge over the enemy who only spawns with a pistol, grenade and their knife. The expansion pack is currently only available for premium playstation 3 users but will be available to all in the coming weeks.

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  • Hello Losers

    So im looking at the armored kill videos and such and im thinking anout the AC-130... The AC-130 is going to add like another three people in the air further taking away from any actual ground action *at least on consoles* So it looked like it would be the usual two jets per team in armoured kill so that in turn means at least four players in jets, possibly three in AC-130 and maybe around six in helicopters as theirs the attack and transport. So that can be over half of the people in the air right their. Combine this with say one or two afk people, like four or five snipers sitting a mile away from nearest flag and you half almost nothing going on not to mention the maps are going to be massive. My point is should the amount of aircraft b…

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  • Hello Losers Yes you read it correctly, the long awaited patch is finally coming out for ps3! With this patch comes many fixes and tweaks to the praise of many players including the usas-12 frag patch, famas nerf, and added horns to jeeps!!! *aww yaaa* Also "This update will also bring the “Rent a Server” functionality to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3." allowing people to finally have their own servers. Sounds like this patch is going to be a very nice one indeed.

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  • Hello Losers

    Battlelog help?

    March 1, 2012 by Hello Losers

    Ok ive been trying to figure out how to get the battlelog, battlefeed, or whatever to work for the past day. On the EA website i have a old account linked to my current psn and an old psn... The old EA account links to the psn accounts but has a different email and seems to be making it not work. I tried to change the email but i don't have the password *yees i know, i know, should have wrote it down* and i seem to be stuck here. Ive changed my current psn email and made a new ea account with the same email as my psn in an attempt to link those instead but no dice. *tehe accidental pun* If anyone could somehow help me "unlink" my psn from the old EA account or something it would be very much appreciated.

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