New gameplay of Battlfield 4 was shown at E3 showcasing the previously unseen multiplayer seen here. *3 days old actually but apparently wasnt big enough news for a post :p* Taking place on the map Siege of Shanghai , multiple new features have been shown and confirmed such as the return of the commander mode, 64 player gameplay on the next-gen consoles, and new factions. New compenents have also been featured with enhanced destruction and map dynamics seemingly quite prominent along with the expected array of new vehicles and weapons. The new concept of levelution is also seen by a flag situated atop a large skyscraper being relocated to the dust clogged remains of said building after collapse giving players a new way to aproach objectives. Lastly there seems to be a new emphasize on naval warfare with a larger selection of vehicles, dynamic waves effecting ones aim on selected maps, and the ablity to defend ones self if forced to bail into the sea. I for one think the new gameplay is great and im glad we finnaly have an urban map that isnt just a collection of massive chokepoints and clustershmucks. *cough* siene crossing *cough*

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