So im looking at the armored kill videos and such and im thinking anout the AC-130... The AC-130 is going to add like another three people in the air further taking away from any actual ground action *at least on consoles* So it looked like it would be the usual two jets per team in armoured kill so that in turn means at least four players in jets, possibly three in AC-130 and maybe around six in helicopters as theirs the attack and transport. So that can be over half of the people in the air right their. Combine this with say one or two afk people, like four or five snipers sitting a mile away from nearest flag and you half almost nothing going on not to mention the maps are going to be massive. My point is should the amount of aircraft be less on console armoured kill or is it fine? Then again.... maps such as caspian border and operation firestorm are already ghost towns on the grond anyay so a map like twice as big is screwed pretty much regardless lol.

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