• Insane281

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the seqeul to the smash hit Battlefield Bad Company.This game could be the MW2 killer.The best thing is if you buy the game new you get free dlc.Something that would never happen with MW2.The story mode puts you back into the shoes of Preston Marlowe.This time around you are looking for a WMD or scalar weapon.You see the affects of the weapon in the first level at the end of it.The first level has you playing as Thomas Wyatt the father of Agent Aguire.Thomas ends up dying at the end of the first level so that sets up some plot twist later on.So I'm not going to spoil the rest of the story so you have to play it yourself.Now I get to the fun part which is Multiplayer.The Multiplayer is very addicting.Their is al…

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