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Premium Video 4: Exclusive Aftermath gameplay. Too Soon DICE!

wToday i was surfing Battlelog when i notticed tomorrow (28-09-2012) DICE is going to release Premium Exclusive Aftermath footage...

At first my reaction was ... What? AW YEAH!! but then i checked the date of release 28-09-2012...

So my thoughts went to ... DICE What are you doing!?!?!?

Battlefield 3: Aftermath will be released in December 2012. That's in 3 months.

Isn't it too soon to be releasing footage?

What will they show? 1 or 2 Maps? 2 or 3 Weapons?

It's Awesome to see what's coming but I still believe it's too damn soon!

What do you guys think? Will they show a complete expansion pack or just 1 incomplete map? Will they delay the release of such trailer?

Post your toughts below!

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