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  • Jumping Melons56932

    Naval Strike has been released for all non-Premium players. It had been delayed until April 15th due to original delayed launch for PC and Xbox One players. This fulfills the two week early access that Premium promises.

    Hope everyone enjoys the new expansion! -- Hyperborrean22Talk 07:43, April 16, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Jumping Melons56932

    Excellent news! Battlefield is introducing presets in Battlelog. Basically, we can now set up a kit, save it, then change it, save it again and still have access to the original kit as well as the second one. This allows for rapid adaption on the field to new threats. This feature is for both vehicles and soldier kits.

    For example, say I'm playing as an engineer. I could have a kit set up to mine roads and repair vehicles. However, helicopters may soon become a threat on the battlefield. To save time I could switch to my preset with AA missiles and eliminate the threat ASAP.

    Each player has 2 presets per class and vehicle (4 if they have premium). The feature is only available on Battlelog and not in-game.

    -- Hyperborrean22Talk 09:12, April 8,…

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  • Jumping Melons56932

    Hayo, I just got a question and rather than make a forum about it and have it deleted like last time, I decided to make a blog post. I just wanted to ask if it's possible to copy another's emblem in any way on BL aside from doing it yourself. I know this is petty but I don't really know where else to put this. Thanks!

    p.s. Please do not leave a reply here. I will not read it. Instead leave a message on my talk.

    Hyperborrean22Talk 13:30, April 7, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Jumping Melons56932

    Hi there! Since no one's talking about this, I'm going to just blog it. We've had a few interesting things happen lately so without further ado, let's get into them!

    Starting off, we've got a patch inbound addressing rubber banding from DICE. They plan to upgrade their servers to better cater for Battlefield 4. Whilst they don't want to give a release date just yet they assure us it's in the works.

    Second of all, we found the megaladon. Basically you have to go on to Nansha Strike and get ten people to swim together near a buoy. Ten you will be crushed. Happy messing around!

    Finally, it's Easter break in the UK and I'm sure other countries have some break now as well. You've got 2 weeks free now! Enjoy (unless you got exams like me, but still…

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  • Jumping Melons56932

    Short cut kits costing roughly around £3.99 each have been added by DICE to allow players to buy all guns or gear in a specific class. This allows new players to skip the unlock grind and get competitive with BF4 right off the bat. Additional, vehicle packages have been added as well as a short cut which allows players to buy everything all in one go for £39.99. So what do you think? Smart move or just greed? Tell us below!

    n.b. Awyman13 is free to copy, edit and claim all credit for this once he gets a chance to make a blog about it.

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