Hey... I got a problem. But it can be fixed with some Q&A with you guys so I thought "why not?!".

I was looking at my user page and seein other people's pages and felt I needed to do some things but when I tried I failed. I clicked on "Need help editing?" but that didn't really cover anything I didn't know. So I'm going to ask you all very nicely to give me some advice (or you know... just lol at my cluelessness).

Ok, so starting off I wanted to know how to make a table like we use to give initial info. ie: What can be seen here below the initial info.

Secondly, I would like to know how to implement these kind of... badges? There to the right of this guy's  info box. (Sorry for refrencing you as "this guy" but I'm avoiding names)

I would greatly appreciate any help what so ever. Thank you.

p.s. I would like to create a page titled "Test page" where people can just test things without worrying about destroying an acctually important page. This would be good for new comers in my opnion. Can I do it? Has it already been done? Do I have to make a vote before I can? Thanks!

I'm confused

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