Excellent news! Battlefield is introducing presets in Battlelog. Basically, we can now set up a kit, save it, then change it, save it again and still have access to the original kit as well as the second one. This allows for rapid adaption on the field to new threats. This feature is for both vehicles and soldier kits.

Loadout Preset 1

For example, say I'm playing as an engineer. I could have a kit set up to mine roads and repair vehicles. However, helicopters may soon become a threat on the battlefield. To save time I could switch to my preset with AA missiles and eliminate the threat ASAP.

Each player has 2 presets per class and vehicle (4 if they have premium). The feature is only available on Battlelog and not in-game.

-- Hyperborrean22Talk 09:12, April 8, 2014 (UTC)


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