• KazMiller1.0

    As of May 23, West and Zampella were now in court with Activision. If West and Zampella win, they and Infinity Ward members will have royalites to the profits of MW2, about a $100 Million. Also if they win, Respawn Entertainment, a company owned by EA, will have rights to the MW series. This could mean that the profits of MW3 and BF3 will go to EA, and Activision will lose a major contributor to their profits.

    I hope West and Zampella win, they deserve the profits, and MW belongs to them.

    This could significantly impact Battlefield 3, because if West and Zampella win, they could shut down MW3 altogether, BF3 would have no competition, and Activision yearly earnings will be significantly reduced.


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  • KazMiller1.0

    Battlefield 3, without a doubt, is going to win this "war with Call of Duty" But does victory come with a price? Let us see.

    What happened to COD.

    When MW2 came out, it was one really hypded game. Reviewers were already calling it the "game of the decade" People were talking all about it. MW2 was a commercial success, but it came with a price for the community and the game quality.

    Before MW2, Call of Duty's community was really good. Sure you have the occasional jerk who's a show off, or your occasional hacker, but overall good. Then MW2 came. Honestly, so many new people came, some good, most bad. In the end, Call of Duty ended up with hackers, glitchers, 10 year olds, and exploiters.

    So, will this happen to BF3..............................…

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  • KazMiller1.0

    This is an alternate reality game

    The Atomic Bomb is never developed, the Kremlin decide to kill Albert Einstein, Manhattan Project Members, and many others developing Atomic Weapons. They also burn many documents regarding to nuclear fission and related subjects, making it almost impossible to develop an atomic bomb

    Without the Atomic Bomb, the United States is forced to invade the Japan. Since Japan lasted longer, many Nazis decide to flee to Japan for refuge. Very few Nazi Scientists will be in the hands of the Allies.

    Without U.S. Involvement (They were focused on Japan) The U.S.S.R. spread their Socialism quickly. Churchill, with or without the United States, decide to launch Operation: Unthinkable. The United States decide not intervene…

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  • KazMiller1.0

    Multiplayer Bots

    64 Player Multiplayer Isn't Going To Happen For Us Console Gamers :(

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  • KazMiller1.0

    The Cycle

    May 7, 2011 by KazMiller1.0

    Ahh, the great war between EA has Activision has begun, hell yeah! EA is fully dedicating itself to beating Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 and dominate FPS. Activison???

    It seems that with "Project Colossus" is their answer to EA's competiveness.

    Why I'm all hyped you ask?

    Well, the fiercer the competition, the harder they work on the game to get those sales from your rival, the harder the work, the better the game. I can't wait this end of year.

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