• Kelleroid

    Uh huh...

    • AR: HK416, AUG.
    • SMG: UMP-45, 9A-91.
    • LMG: MG3, XM8.
    • Sniper Rifle: SV98, VSS.
    • Shotgun: every single one.
    • Pistol: Grach, 1911.
    • Semi-Auto Rifle: M14.
    • Automatic weapon (Misc.): G3.
    • Assault Gadget: 40mm HE.
    • Medic Gadget: Medkit.
    • Engineer Gadget: AT4, RPG-7.
    • Recon Gadget: Motion Sensor.
    • All-Around Gadget: Hand Grenade.
    • Tank: Bradley, T-90.
    • Light Transport: ATV, Humvee.
    • Transport Chopper: Blackhawk.
    • Attack Chopper: none.
    • Naval Craft: PBL.
    • Stationary Turret: TOW.
    • Optic: RDS or the gun itself.
    • Spec 1: LTWT, HEAL S+.
    • Spec 2: MMN TRN.
    • Spec 3: V ALT WPN.
    • Game Mode: CQ, SQDM.
    • Map: Arica Harbor, Laguna Alta.

    • Magnum ammo. More like Fagnum ammo! This "spec" is the least teamwork oriented. Plus 25% damage? Plus my ass!
    • One dialog I had on a server about MGNM:
    ME: I hate fagn…

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  • Kelleroid

    So, yeah. Just like Zealot Guy, I've decided to make my own rating for close combat weapon usefulness.

    Ok, from best to not so.

    They rock. Their close-up total damage of about 180 is more than enough to drop a person in one shell. Couple that with a good mag of 4 (8 with extra mag size) and a pretty quick rearm and you've got the close combat domination weapon. Plus, everyone can use them.

    Used by: anyone.

    Weapons in this group: 870MCS, SPAS-12, NeoStead 2000.

    While it sure does pack an even bigger punch (about 220-250) than the dedicated shotguns, and can even kill two healthy people in one shot, it is just about it: one shot and you already have to reload.

    Most useful for surprise attacks, killing or damaging a group of bunched up enemies and fini…

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  • Kelleroid

    Half-life mode

    December 27, 2010 by Kelleroid

    So yeah, for the first blog post I decided to write down a BC2 loadout I dubbed "Half-Life mode". Best used with russian medic (he has infinite medkits, has a beret that naturally attracts enemies into shotgun range and is generally awesome) and in (hardcore) deathmatch.

    It consists of:

    • The knoife.
    • Primary - SPAS-12, the HL shotgun. Looks like a real big gun too.
    • Secondary - MP-412, a revolver. Since there is no Glock in BC2.
    • Gadget - unchangeable defib.
    • Unlock - +10 HP per second.
    • Spec 1 - AMMO X2, you're going to need all the ammo you can find. Besides...
    • Spec 2 - SHGN MAGS X2, that lets you fire double the rounds before needing to reload. Works best with extra ammo, as you would get only one extra clip/full mag. Also, in HL the shotgun had an 8…

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