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  • LITE992

    Battlefield 3's executive producer says that the game has been designed to ensure that no civilians will die in combat.

    Patrick Bach, executive producer behind the third instalment of DICE's Battlefield series, is worried about how gamers react to being given the opportunity to kill civilians. He fears that, given the chance, we'll usually choose to be "bad"; to deal with this, he says, his team has chosen to remove civilians from the equation altogether.

    "Me personally, I'm trying to stay away from civilians in games like BF because I think people will do bad," he said in an interview with RockPaperShotgun. "I don't want to see videos on the internet where people shoot civilians. That's something I will sanitize by removing that feature from…

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  • LITE992

    Battlefield 3 developer DICE says the cuts to the console versions of the game are the best compromises it could make in order to keep the experience intact.

    DICE had two choices when it came time to make Battlefield 3: "dumb down" the PC version to make it identical to the Xbox 360 and PS3 releases, or go all-out with the PC and then work to bring the consoles up to that level. It chose the latter and while that's obviously better for the game by any rational measure, it's also led to some predictable hand-wringing, certainly not discouraged by Activision, about a sub-standard console release. But DICE's Patrick Bach says that while console compromises were necessary, they were made with the sole purpose of keeping the experience intact.


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  • LITE992

    Here you can post your Gamertag so we can meet up and play together online. You can post your Gamertag, as well as the mode(s) you prefer, and even a little bit about your style.

    To start, my Gamertag is LITE992 (that was difficult). I prefer Rush and Squad Rush. I mainly play as an Assault or Recon.

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  • LITE992

    Welcome to my little strategy blog. Here I will show you how to play the Recon, and be a valuable asset to your team. I play almost exclusively on Rush, so most of the guide will focus on playing Recon in that mode. Either way, I hope this improves your game.

    First off, know your role. What you can contribute to your team. Like the name suggests, your role is to provide reconnaissance. Considering you have long sight lines, a clear view of the enemy base, and are well out of harm, you're going to spend most of your time spotting enemies and communicating to your team. Spotting enemies on the second floor of the building your teammates are about to clear will most likely result in your teammates successfully clearing the building.

    You …

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