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  • I am female
  • Laagone

    The typical Battlefield community is fucking horseshit. With that in mind, note the "typical". I'm not referring to every BF fan, I'm one myself, mind you, and there are certainly some pleasant ones out there including this wiki's members. But the ones that spark out the most in places such as YouTube, Battlelog and even in-game chat are so annoying I feel like I have more faith for the #YOLOSWAG teens rather than them.

    I don't mind if a person, for example Dave, doesn't like CoD. I don't mind if Dave is a die-hard fan of BF. I don't mind if Dave had different opinions and likings than me. I don't mind if he brings up his opinion in a reasonable way. But I definitely mind if he brings up his opinion in a way that his opinion be treated as a f…

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  • Laagone

    Favorite weapon in BF3?

    November 8, 2012 by Laagone

    As a matter of interest as well as trying to make a diagram out of it, what is your favorite weapon (and possibly the attachments) in Battlefield 3?

    Mine is at least at the moment USAS-12 (any sight, Extended Mags, Buckshot). Or if distances are greater, then SV98 (US 8x, Straight Pull Bolt, Laser Sight).

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  • Laagone

    Server admins

    August 7, 2012 by Laagone

    Two matches joined. Two bans acquired. This was because I killed the admin, and he in anger kicked me even though jets weren't forbidden.

    Third server, Kharg Island Conquest. The only rule is that you can't shoot down admin's heli, or you get banned. Of course he whores the Havoc all the time.

    If you're reading this and own a rented server, make us all a favor and make fair rules and don't kick/ban for nothing.

    Addendum: Today I got a random jet kill by bursting the jet cannon for less than a second from 200 meters. Didn't even see the guy. Lucky me.

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  • Laagone

    DICE trolling me

    June 29, 2012 by Laagone

    So DICE decided to put up two double XP weekends, or three and one full week to Premium players while I'm gone in London. What makes it better that the full week ends about just hours before I come back home (and even though I don't have Premium yet, I plan on buying it asap). Previously when I've played BF3 I've only had a chance to play in one double XP weekend.

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