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  • LittleNemo

    ... damn i hate memes.

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  • LittleNemo

    Steam is having a summer sale through 10th of july so i thought i would make a blog post every day about which games and all that so lets get started! And i apologize for not having australien dollars and euros in the list :( here is the link if you are intrested to buy any of them.

    Torchlight 80% off original price 15 dollars steam sale price 3 dollars, Yes i reccomend getting it its a great hack and slash rpg if you have played original diablo or 2 you would definatly like this and 3 dollars is a good deal.

    call of duty modern warfare 2 50% off, orginal price 40 dollars steam sale price 20 dollars do not buy this game it has terrible very linear short campaign and horrible multiplayer with a lot of problems an…

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  • LittleNemo

    Bad company 2 is now on steam for sale limited offer sorry that i did this so late i have been very busy with my job. But you can get Bad company 2 along with vietnam and spectact kit for only 10 dollars totally worth it. I don´t know the euros price of it but i have heard its 10 euros... if so i am very disappointed with the one that set the price. original price is 40 dollars so thats 30 dollars you are saving. And it will end after 16 hours and a half an hour... buy it if you havent but now that i think of it i already think everyone on the wiki has it... oh well im going leave this just in case.

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  • LittleNemo

    Physical warfare?

    June 15, 2011 by LittleNemo

    So if you pre order the game from a developer only in the UK and is likely to me only there alongside US,sweden and maybe few others countries you get exclusive weapon and 2 attachements? I am completetly against that why do i have to but the game before realese from a retailer i dont like, to get things that are already in the game?

    That is completetly bullshit. Why am i being punished for buying my games from amazon, GoG, gamersgate and steam? I dont like games,gamestop,wal mart or game station and i thing this is completly rude move from EA.

    DLC should be free or give alot of good content that is NOT already in the game and collectors edition and pre orders bonusues should be reskins/remodels of thinks that are already in the game or real…

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  • LittleNemo

    R.I.P. Macho man

    May 20, 2011 by LittleNemo

    20th May Randy savage A.K.A. Macho man passed away in a car accident 10:00 AM while driving on a street in florida. It is suspected he may have had a heart attack, which led in loosing control and the vehicle crashing as no trace of alchohol was was traced in his blood. His wife was also in the car but she recieved only minor injuries.

    This may not have to do with battlefield but i just wanted to make a memory of him as he was a great wrestler.

    R.I.P. Randall Mario Poffo 2011.

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