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Bad company 2 balance issues

i know its a very balanced game one of the most balanced game on the market and dice is really good listening to the community but i think theres 1 problem its not that big of a balance issue but still can be very annoying and it happent to me when i first picked up the game know the word for it so im just going to describe it okay lets just say i just bought the game and i hop on online to play but all i got is some toy gun and i get into a game with ppl with magnum ammunition body armor all the best guns and all those upgrades and sight i know you can pick up theire kit but the chances of you killing one when you get into a combat is like 0.01% except you suprise tham/get them from behind or youre in a tank i know you wont get into a game with full of them only like 3-7 and your team can be very good but still i think its kinda sucks. what do you ladies and gentlemen think? its much more balanced that cod but in cod when you get into a combat chances of killing some one with all the good stuff unlocked is more the chances of killing him is much more.

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