So if you pre order the game from a developer only in the UK and is likely to me only there alongside US,sweden and maybe few others countries you get exclusive weapon and 2 attachements? I am completetly against that why do i have to but the game before realese from a retailer i dont like, to get things that are already in the game?

That is completetly bullshit. Why am i being punished for buying my games from amazon, GoG, gamersgate and steam? I dont like games,gamestop,wal mart or game station and i thing this is completly rude move from EA.

DLC should be free or give alot of good content that is NOT already in the game and collectors edition and pre orders bonusues should be reskins/remodels of thinks that are already in the game or real life useful items.

I don´t care if they wont inbalance the game which EA has NOT proved and i think it wont as it is giving away a suppresor that is the only suppresor snipers can use.

This is guns which i would like to try but im not willing to pre order it from a retailer i dont like.

Oh and amazing it isnt quite yet on EA store (asfar as i know) so they will most likely be getting it too (i dont like EA store either) OR they will be getting other or another weapon pack. And a map only avavible to them to pre order collectors edition? That is even more bullshit EA should not treat their customers to pre order it so they can get more stuff already in the game or already made which people who dont buy it from that retailer or dont but the collectors or pre orders dont get. They are doing it for pure to get more money and which i hate.

And just ignore my post everyone should get battlefield 3.

I will not be getting Battlefield 3 aslong if they keep this up and i hope you do aswell.

And here is some more rubbish. The back to Karkand will be an "expansions" and the people who get the collectors edition get it for free which i dont mind but The fact they are taking a map that already exists and is done and instead of making it on the real game and disc they are going to take it and realese it as a expansion just to gain more money? They havent announced the price date but considiring its EA and the spectat kit costed 15 dollars i doubt its going to be free. That is just pure money whoring and a bad move from EA treating their consumers like that.

UPDATE: The boycott is over and they said the weapons will be unlocked later this year for people who didnt per order it.

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