- Battlefield bad company 3 announced

- We are now Sponsored by aids

- It has been stated by scientists that the moon is a sheep

- Ping pong wing wong king kong cheech and chong hop hip kajagoogoo!

- Editing Pages can give you money all you have to do is sign up

- Decreasing M60 recoil to none and giveing it 10 more damage

- Magnum ammo damage incresed by 16%

- Playing as a sniper gives you now more XP (not including spoting)

- Battlefield wiki now has a myspace, newgrounds, buzz, blogger,, and a Hi5 account

- Before u can go into a page u have to watch a 30 second ad ALL THE TIME

- adding 5 more admins now making only 4 or 3 people not admins and 421 admins

and thats the news ladies and gentlemen have a good weekend :)

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