has anyone found anything overpowered?

i really don't like using it and i REALLY hate people who only use stuff that is overpowered (like m16's from COD or jets form bf2)

so far ive found some things that i think MIGHT become overpowered, but they seem sorta fair, and there isn't anything that i find that is really really overpowered and completely changes the game.

1. any shotgun with 12 guage. THIS MIGHT be overpowered when people become good at aiming because this makes shotguns snipers for close quarters.(or i think of em as bolt action rifles)

2.attack helicopter crews. these people if they are good enough not to crash, THEY DON'T DIE!!!!!!!!!

(really what kills a copter.....rockets, and AAA guns, thats not much!) and no it isn't cool if teamwork makes 2 people = to an entire army

3.medics. ok they aren't overpowered but are they taking the role of anti infantry class, like 2142's assult class? if not then what the heck is up with machine guns being able to beat out loads of peole very fast? (im pretty sure tho medic= anti infantry, cuse they can't do anything against tanks)

there isn't much which i think is a good thing, and i bet people are going to be post about how this stuff is completly fair, which always happens because they probably use this all the time.

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