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Harvest Day story

Chapter 1

" Hey Johnson," said Colonel Myers " I need that anti-tank weapon up on that hill." The Russians were getting ready to invade Army positions at the town, and were being supported by 4 tank battalions. He had called command to ask for more reignforcements, but they wouldn't arrive for another 2 1/2 hours. So, untill then, he had to defend the town. "Can do," said Pvt. Johnson as he picked up the BGM-71 TOW. Myers had a couple of tanks, but they would get crushed by the advancing russians. " Corporal, " said Myers to a man looking through binoculars ", you see the Ruski's yet?" " wait" said the Corporal. Myers took his own binoculars out and looked. He was horrified by the site.The First tank battalion was insight, and they were moving fast. " Everyone, get into positions, MOVE!!!" said Myers. Everywhere, soldiers were rushing to get into position. One man manned a gernade launcher in the barn, while a sniper took a positon in the farm house. The battle had begun.

-MerchantofDeath 16:54, May 22, 2010 (UTC) "NAPALM!!!!!!"

Chapter 2

The Russians had preceded to nail the farm house with rounds from the tanks. Myers, who had took a position behind a wall, saw a round hit the side of the front house. A soldier came running out, on fire, screaming "HELP" as loud as he could. " Do we have anything, airsupport, artillery?" he screamed to his lieutenant. " Nothing, sir, everythings up north with "A" company". "Shit," said Myers " We need to retreat, we can't hold out like this; isn't there some reserves in the town." The lieutenant nodded."Good, call some of them up to our next position. Myers went to get into his humvee, when a tank round hit it. Myers was in a daze, every where he could here the word "Medic", and he no they wern't all for him. He saw one running up toward him, but immediatly got shot by a sniper bullet. " It going to be all right, sir," said Cpl. Jensing, "Goddamit, someone get a medic." The last thing Myers knew before he blacked out, was that he was picked up by Jensing.

-MerchantofDeath 23:00, May 23, 2010 (UTC)

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