I think I have figured out why there were ( and still are) so many problems on the CoD wiki. The wiki, since it is a well liked gaming wiki, has lots of users. Since it has lots of users, it has grow to large. Admins. can't keep track of what's going on, Vandals can do whatever they want freely, people get to motivated about the state of it (exp. ME) The Admins try to narrow down the problem by restricting certain sections of the wiki (face blogs, etc.) People complain about it because they liked those types of blogs. The Admins try to control the problem by blocking or expelling certain users, and then others Leave because their tired of the whining. The admins try to make a compromise, other users accept, everything goes back to normal, leaving the problem still there. Therefore, we all need to try to agree with each other, share the power, and everything will be fine.

Now, time to add more stuff to BF2 ( this series is the best, BF)

-MerchantofDeathMerchantofDeath 22:33, May 18, 2010 (UTC) <--------that is so COOL.

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