Ok, here's my idea on what the story is probably going to be about, and I'm have the sneaking suspicion that its going to be like Battlefield 2: Modern Combat's storyline.

Anyways, I think its going to play out like this, the PLR is going to be very fed up with the United States being in their country for so long. Restless, they begin planning out attacks around the globe to show their anger againist the United States and maybe even Russia (you never know: maybe the PLR are in Chechnya also). But both sides catch on to the PLR's plans, and begin trying to stop them before it is too late.

But, and this is where I want to bring up Dmitri Mayakovsky, there is a catch. Both sides, or possibly just one side, is found that somehow they were responsible for the attack (and the explanation for this: it's everything from crazed General funding terrorists or a dead Spetsnaz body being found in Paris, for example). Russia and the
Alternate Tower View - Screenhunter

Caspian Sea: Yet another Flashpoint in the Battlefield Universe.

United States get angry at each other, go to war, [insert rest here], someone finds the real agitator, happy ending.

Of course, it could be a full out war the whole way to the end; but I'm only speculating.

Now, what do you guys think?

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