If you are an IPod Tauch/IPhone/IPad gamer, then you know that Battlefield's first prtable entry was released last December. EA ported Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from the consoles to these systems, but this version was (Understandably, due to a much lower quality processing unit) severly chopped down graphics and gameplay.

While it's main console competitor is Activision (Call of Duty), Their competitor on the IOS is Gameloft, who has made 4 High quality FPS games for these systems. These games include Modern Combat: Sandstorm, and Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

EA ported Bad Company 2 to these systems in an attempt to compete with Gameloft. However, this version suffered from a difficult control system, extremely low count of multplayer maps (2 at the start, IDK how many there are now, since EA promised updates to add more maps), Bad AI, lack of destructible environments, and lack of vehicles in multiplayer (although they exist in Singleplayer, albeit with an even more difficult control system than the infantry setup.

Earlier this summer, EA announced it would port Battlefield 3 to the IOS systems. Since they have not announced anything about gameplay for it, it has left me thinking about what they might do this time around. Will they improve on anything.

What are your thoughts? Share them by leaving your comments.

UPDATE: any ideas for the 3DS version?

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