Hello, new screenshots of BF4 have confirmed that not only will players be able to not only be able to customize the abilities of their vehicles but chose camouflage and choose from 2 different ammunition types for it as well. And sad news for anyone expecting change on EA and DICEs stance on mods, DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troeddson states that they don't have the right security to keep players from creating exploits. It was also confirmed that some objects during gameplay will be indestructible like in Battlefield 3. Spectator mode also is set to be in BF4, but there is still no word on Battlerecorders return. In news relating to PS4 and BF4 Amazon will be bundling Battlefield 4, the next-gen system, and a one year subscription to PS Plus will be bundled for the price of $499.00 which is slightly less than buying the three separately. So what do you think about these updates on Battlefield 4? Put it down in the comment section and discuss it with fellow contributers. As always see you on the battlefield.


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