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What classes do you want in the next battlefield?

And how do you want them to be? For me these are the classes I hope are in the next BF.

  • Assault-GLs/M224 Mortars-Assault Rifles(Grenadier/Indirect fire infantryman)
  • Engineer-Repair tool/EOD Bot and AT Mines/Claymores-LMGs/Shotguns(Field Engineer/Sapper)
  • Scout-C4/Bullet Drop Estimater/Recon Drone and Motion Sensors/Flare gun-Sniper Rifles and SMGs(Sniper/Spec Ops)
  • Medic-Medkit and Defibs-PDWs(Combat Medic)
  • Specalist or Marksman-Sticky Grenades/Smoke Grenades and Tracers/SOFLAM-Designated Marksman Rifles(Designated Marksman)
  • Heavy Assault-Rocket Launchers/AT Drone- Carbines(Explosive specalist)
  • Rifleman-Ammo packs and Bayonet-Assault Rifles(Rifleman)
  • Spotter-Binoculars and Bulletdrop Estimater/Mortar Designator-Automatic Battle Rifle(Spotter) *Not Necessary I just like the idea*

-Flares guns are the same as a spawn beacon

--I do know Sticky Grenades were only used in WWII by Mostly United Kingdom units

Drones are battery powerd for 3 min. and takes 5 min. to resupply unless the get a ammo pack. Snipers & Spotters get the choice of a Handmade ghille suit or not. Manufactured ghilles are the ones that make people look like yowies or what ever BF players call them

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