To start off I am an extremely proud American and the UK in my name stands for Uber Krazy. But video games are starting to get real repetative with US vs. RU or some MEC. And just seeing american weapons in games ar getting boring. And I think that BF games instead of focusing on 1 country can focus on at least 2. With the storyline in BF3 it shows DICE can handle 2 factions being the "good guys", but both factions appeared in the MP with close to the same weponary. So I was thinking that in the next BF the storyline can focus on diffrent types of nato militaries. And they could fit right in if its BC3. And this is how it can be countries in NATO begin to put all of there insubordinates, hell-raisers and troublemakers into the 222nd fighting agintst a terroist cell in Panama. It would give weopans and mp diversity. So what do you think?

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