With conquest domination coming out in close quarters and lots of talk about Tank and Air supperiority. And with me hopig developers at EA or DICE are reading this lets talk about what kind game modes you want in those DLC.With me I hope they have this.

Close Quarters

  • Spec Ops-With no Rush being in the CQ maps this could be another good replacement for it and plays like Killzone 3 mode Operations.
  • VIP-The objective is for one team to kill all of the opposing team and the other must take 3 of 4 hostages to an extraction point or kill off the other team.

Armored Kill

  • Tank and Air Supperiority-Just like conquest but with veichles instead
  • Search and Destroy-One team of tanks and jets has to do enough damage to certain buildings and the other must hold them off until the tickets deplete.So its a veicle type of rush.

So what do you think and what are your game mode hopes?

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