BF3 Sniper strike

Karl-Magnus Troedsson, General Manager at DICE, has discussed the Battlefield 3 beta arriving so late in the month and that it was coming out a lot later than the team would have liked.

“I know that some people are saying it’s coming in a bit late, but we’re still happy to put it out there, what’s also very important here is that when we launch Battlefield 3, that is just the start. We’re going to take care of this product for quite some time afterwards.”

He also added that the Battlefield 3 beta was planned to be only for Medal of Honor owners, but the team decided against that.

“I think it’s important for us to get as many people in as possible, and it’s quite a bit of a hassle to actually to hand out codes, you know, if we want to get to a large number of people. So, at some point we just decided, let’s go with an open beta and have as many people as possible come in. For the people that have some special incentive etc. …we’ll give them early access to the beta instead.”

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