• Nayhem


    October 30, 2017 by Nayhem

    There are pages on the wiki relating to stuff other than shooting stuff and the people/vehicles that do it. Many of these topics used to be lumped under a "Concepts" category that was ill-defined and thus became bloated in some areas, and isolated in other areas.

    I am taking some time to better organize what now falls under the general heading of Gameplay:

    Anything that distinctly separates the Battlefield series from other franchises (e.g. Frostbite, Levolution), or is otherwise important enough to be given its own out-of-game menu (e.g. Customization, Awards) or service (Battlelog, Battlefield Premium).
    Rules that affect how in-game characters and objects behave.
    Systems by which a player may interact with the gameworld t…
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  • Nayhem


    October 12, 2017 by Nayhem

    CSS for infobox templates have been adjusted, after many of them broke while upgrading them to Wikia's portable infoboxes, a project I started before becoming an admin. Many thanks to Ysbert, whose suggestions were incorporated into the current design, and to the administration for taking me on (and thus far not wildly complaining about these changes I again haven't exactly ran past anyone).

    Continuing goals for templates:

    • Identify commonly-used labels and standardize the more sensible ones, while preserving as many of the existing ones as possible.
    • Provide meaningful documentation on all templates.
    • Provide blank templates aimed at both responsive editors (our "page starters") for quick construction, and thorough editors (our "page finishers"…
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  • Nayhem

    64-bit upgrade

    October 2, 2013 by Nayhem

    I was one of the few 32-bit holdouts until I saw that the BF4 beta required 64-bit. Fortunately, Newegg was able to help me get my system up to spec within a day of beta.

    Some particulars about my existing setup:

    • I learned long ago to keep separate partitions for system and user profiles. This has spared me some grief when reinstalling OS on other computers.
    • I use an SSD with junctioning for game files, specifically Battlefield. This drastically cut my load times compared to platter HDDs; I could finally join matches during the pre-round, instead of after all flags and vehicles were taken.
      • My SSD is too small for full system, and I've had one of these completely fail, taking everything with it. (Fortunately I had backups set up on that system…
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