• Nayhem

    64-bit upgrade

    October 2, 2013 by Nayhem

    I was one of the few 32-bit holdouts until I saw that the BF4 beta required 64-bit. Fortunately, Newegg was able to help me get my system up to spec within a day of beta.

    Some particulars about my existing setup:

    • I learned long ago to keep separate partitions for system and user profiles. This has spared me some grief when reinstalling OS on other computers.
    • I use an SSD with junctioning for game files, specifically Battlefield. This drastically cut my load times compared to platter HDDs; I could finally join matches during the pre-round, instead of after all flags and vehicles were taken.
      • My SSD is too small for full system, and I've had one of these completely fail, taking everything with it. (Fortunately I had backups set up on that system…
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