I want to start a 4 man clan (3 more needed). I play Bad Company a lot, and I'm pretty good at it. I'm looking for mature, talented people that play mostly every day. We'd play at around 3 or 4 pm EST up until about 4 or 5 EST, and probably more if we're online together at any other time. We'd train on Unranked, and here's what I was thinking:

1 Person Support

2 People Specialists

1 Person Demo

The support would heal and, well, give support, the specialists would go in first, and the demo would follow. We'd basically be a 4 Man tactical assault team. We'd be unstoppable if we were all good at BC.

Here's how we would train:

When trying to destroy a crate, we'd all four meet up. We'd either get in a vehicle OR if we're close to the crate, run for it.

- The support would provide cover fire (if needed) 
- The Specialists would (if the crate's in a building) C4 a wall. The spec who didn't C4 the wall would go in first, followed by the demo, followed by the spec, followed by support. Demo would arm the charge (if under fire) and then we'd camp until the crate's destroyed. If the crate's not in a building, but out in the open, the Spec would throw two grenades near the crate, then in the same order, charge in. A method I use (which is 100% of the time successful) is blitzkreig (lightning war): After we C4 the wall (or throw grenades or whatever) we would CHARGE in the building, without hesitating, and take them by surprise when they are too surprised to react. It always works.
- At the start of each round, we would HURRILY choose the weapons and try as FAST as we possibly can to get to the crate, so they won't expect it. 

Here's what weapons we will use:


2 Men with PP2000's.





We need at least one pp2000 so we have that rapid-fire action, and we need the MG so we have a good LMG.

We will train in the SAME class with the SAME weapon every time we play.

So, let me know (message me) if you play Bad Company and you're interested.

(If you look at my rank, I got BC 2 months ago and played unranked for about 1.5 months. I started playing ranked around July 1st. I'm at the highest rank, trying to redeem veteran status but it's pissing me off, and I'm usually in the Top 2 every round, so don't try saying I'm a noob or I suck. It's not only immature, but very untrue :3)

I would need to see you play for 1 match, then determine if you're worthy material.



NeoN N1GhTmAr3

(oh and Bad Company for Xbox 360)

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