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Battlefield 3... I want to play it ASAP!!

Nikitazero November 9, 2011 User blog:Nikitazero

Finally, after a long time of waiting, Battlefield 3 was released!

After looking on this wiki for more detailed information, I decided that Battlefield 3 is the best Battlefield game ever! With this reason, I want to play the game so bad, so my skill could be above the average Indonesian gamers.

However, I have one catch: I do not have enough money to do two things before playing Battlefield 3:

  1. Buying the original CD. My information (if it was correct) states that Battlefield 3's original CD costs much; about 600,000 Rupiahs (or about US$ 50), and I can't risk downloading Battlefield 3 from the Internet.
  2. Upgrading my computer to twice as strong as the previous. To do so, I need to upgrade my RAM from 2 GB into 4 GB, my VGA from GeForce GTX 280 to GeForce GTX 580, as well as upgrading my OS to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and the DirectX from DX10 to DX11.

So, sooner or later, I will start finding jobs to help me make my most anticipated dream come true; playing Battlefield 3!

If you want to help me out in doing the two things I stated above; provided that you're in good terms, I will appreciate your help so much!

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