Hey, Guys.

Today I want to tell you guys about one of the most craziest (and possibly the best) Battlefield 4 match in my two years of playing it...

The round, which was Caspian Border 2014, started with me in a F35 jet, gunning down several enemies in aircraft and on ground. Then I jump out of my jet and I randomly get a kill after tossing an RGO Impact grenade. I was on the ground, screaming and laughing in shock and surprise. After respawning, I happen to be inside a burning AC-130, I jump out just moments before it exploded. I miracuously land on top of an enemy sniper, which gives me the idea of taunting him. As soon as he notices me, I take out my knife and I stick it to him. Then, I get jet rammed. I laughed so hard I cried. As soon as I respawn, I get involved in a massive firefight. I take out my signature UMP-45 and I gun down many of the enemies that were invading the Hilltop. When I thought I bit off more that I could chew, I go underground, only to find many enemies huddled around the timed bomb. I decide to toss a Frag Grenade at their feet. The kill feed goes absolutely insane. When the survivors turn around to try and find me, I decide to hide behind several crates. They never found me, so I decide to take out my knife and go covert. I was so happy after I got them. Out of the blue, 5 enemies try to track me down, but they don't notice the bomb armed. After camping in the tunnel, I hear the explosion, killing all 5 enemies. I then make a run for it after seeing the firey inferno flying towards me. When I escape, everyone in my whole entire team goes crazy after seeing 3/4 of the enemy team being decimated by the tower collapsing. It was surprising after seeing jets, helicopters, tanks, jeeps, and ATVs being blown to bits as the tower crashed. The whole entire path where the tower hit was literally obscured by smoke and fire. Then, a Tomahawk missile causes a monumental explosion, which kills off a majority of the enemy team. I was so happy when our team won because of our commander and our team being absolute beasts. If you guys want to share your amazing moments, go on my talk page and share them with me, or you can just post your comments. 

Signing Off,

 Shogun (NineTails) 23:23, October 22, 2015 (UTC)

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