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  • PFC Arkalis

    Today another video was released showcasing the pillars of Battlefield 3; this time it's about vehicles and features already released campaign and multiplayer footage.

    The second video, however, is titled Operation Gridiron: Episode 1. It features live-action and gameplay footage with American football stars Drew Brees, Jared Allen, Larry Fitzgerald and Clay Matthews. We can imagine it will be a series of videos hyping it up until October 25th.

    Sour ces

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  • PFC Arkalis

    Today a short new video was uploaded on the official Battlefield Youtube channel; that shows some of the destruction gameplay that was removed from the Beta on purpose:

    While the actual new footage is rather short, it showcases some old destruction footage from campaign and multiplayer. Interesting to note is the collapsing of the tower in Caspian Border, which also destroyed a jet passing by.


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  • PFC Arkalis

    Since there is no Commander in Battlefield 3, much to the demise of some, DICE has instead respecced down many of the Commander features to the regular soldier, starting with the UAV station in Bad Company 2. However, in Battlefield 3 there will be an unlockable UAV for the Engineer class.

    Also according to DICE’s Karl-Magnus Troedsson at the Eurogamer Expo, the squad leader will have the ability to call in artillery strikes. This is in addition to the unlockable mortar strike, which is available to everyone playing the Engineer class. If there is any cooldown for usage of artillery strikes between the different squad leaders, is unknown.

    While there was some disappointment with the lack of a Commander in Battlefield 3, DICE seems to be givi…

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  • PFC Arkalis

    As we anxiously had expected, DICE released the second part of Operation Guillotine trailer. Without anything left to say, enjoy.

    P.S. Did I mentioned this is CONSOLE footage (Xbox 360)?


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  • PFC Arkalis

    Today the newest Battleblog was released with new information on the multiplayer game modes for Battlefield 3.

    In Battlefield 3, all maps adapt to the five multiplayer game modes available at launch.

    The full blog can be found here along with a detailed description for each game mode.

    Highlights that can be renamed are that Team Deathmatch will feature 12 vs 12 player matches with no vehicles. This is for a more instant-action type of gameplay for new people to the series that are getting used to the game or for some quick fast-paced match.

    Squad Deathmatch will remain mostly the same with 4 squads of 4 palyers battling out for kills and a single Infantry Fighting Vehicle on the map to get the edge.

    Rush will return pretty much the same way it did…

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