Today the newest Battleblog was released with new information on the multiplayer game modes for Battlefield 3.

In Battlefield 3, all maps adapt to the five multiplayer game modes available at launch.

BF3 - MP - Caspian Border - Gamescom 07-noscale
The full blog can be found here along with a detailed description for each game mode.

Highlights that can be renamed are that Team Deathmatch will feature 12 vs 12 player matches with no vehicles. This is for a more instant-action type of gameplay for new people to the series that are getting used to the game or for some quick fast-paced match.

Squad Deathmatch will remain mostly the same with 4 squads of 4 palyers battling out for kills and a single Infantry Fighting Vehicle on the map to get the edge.

Rush will return pretty much the same way it did in the Bad Company Series, with 24 players on console and 32 on PC. However, the MCOM Stations cannot be destroyed by explosives or Destruction 3.0. This was made so the rushing side needs to work as a team to plant and protect the charge.

Squad Rush will return practically identical to Bad Company 2. It is similar to Rush (including the new changes) albeit with one squad only per side and one MCOM per base.

And Conquest will make its comeback at its greatest in Battlefield 3. It will be played by 24 players on console and 32 or 64 players on PC.

Also available are the options to toggle Hardcode and Infantry Only* modes for all the game modes.

  • Infantry Only disables attack vehicles but not transports.


On a side note, I apologize for not making news blogs as fast or usual as before; real life gets me busy.

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