Today a new Battleblog was released by the Battlefield Blog, and this time it goes even more onto weapon customization and has some nice example images that you can watch here , as well with the rest of the Battleblog.


A SG553LB seen in Battleblog #8 weapon customization.

Weapon accessory unlocks are received on a per weapon basis, meaning that the more time you spend with a particular weapon, the more options you will have to customize that weapon to fit different your combat role and play style.

It explains how there is a huge variety of attachments for the weapons and how each attachment not only changes the appeareance of the weapon, but its feel and even its mechanic to suit your style.

While brief, the blog suggests that changing attachments can also tweak each weapon to fit a different role than it was intended, like having a Medium Range SMG or a Long Range Assault Rifle.


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