Hey guys,

First of all, I apologize everyone for the lack of activity I've had for the last weeks/months.

I've been pressured off with tests and the usual crap we get every year. Didn't have quite the free time to sit for 5 hours and make a reviewing spree on images, or prepare any new articles. nVIDIA trolled me off entirely, having only BF3 compatible with the shitty 296.10 driver, which loses response and fucks my screen wholesale, forcing me to reboot and going instead with the older drivers. When they get to [finally f***ing] fix this, I may take my desired revamp over Caspian Border and resume my work at BF2142. Having BF2 now as well, I can work on the Stub mp articles that are still played online.

I'll try and change my status to full active here at June 10th, when I finish my lective year (and my Technical Stage in Krav Maga, for that matter.....), although I still have 2 weeks to study for my final exams this year. This counts 30% of my whole evaluation for year, so don't expect any activity miracles at that point.

Long story short for the TL;DR guys, hold down your horses and expect me around BF3:CQ's launch!



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