Apparently, DICE's BF3 show-off is far from over.

DICE will head to the Swedish LAN Party festival named DreamHack between June 18th and June 21st. Guests will be able to test the Pre-Alpha version of BF3 under closed doors during the festival. Webhallen will also be on site to receive pre-orders for Battlefield 3. If you pre-order, you will have guaranteed access to the exclusive Battlefield 3 booth.

Other than that, members of the press will have an opportunity to attend a closed Press Event on June 18 between CET 12:00 to CET 17:00 in order to test the game and do interviews. If you wish to participate, please contact

This new is more directed to the Swedish fans. Not properly a great notice to the big part of the BF community, maybe we'll receive something new from BF3, maybe not. Eighter way, I wanna give you guys a heads-up.


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