I was a CoD player since its start back in 2003, but since 2009 it went pretty wrong and just don't work for me anymore. I hadn't heard much at that about Battlefield and I always saw a bad perspective out of it by the CoD community until I see guys shouting out Battlefield 3. I went to reviews, saw the Fault Line episodes and got converted straight away. The thing that bothered me the most in CoD is that the fact that "high killstreaks = high rewards" was the rule of the community, no one played properly with teamwork and everyone sat in the corner until they got Hinds. I then searched a bit further and found gameplay from BFBC2: Vietnam and I loved it! All weapons seemed balanced, the squads of this community worked well as a team and the maps were fricking HUGE!!

But I noticed one thing: the mechanics weren't like CoD, it didn't looked like a regular FPS, AT ALL! I needed to get some training before I could jump to Battlefield 3. I got Battlefield Play4Free to start out and I really got addicted, more than I was with Call of Duty. The only thing I get disappointed is that the maps are so damn huge that everyone that is Medic excels by kill-whoring with their LMG's (which I think it's a bit wrong, shouldn't they be supporting and healing their Assault soldiers that are about half a mile from them?? I smell CoD) but as I see the better work that BFBC2 Medics do, I think this will be the franchise I will support and buy from now on.

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