"We will be entering Point Francis in seven minutes. Those god damned Koreans are raping and torturing our women and children. We're not here for tactics. Not here for taking points. Marines, we are here for the purpose of eliminating the enemy, by using pure force. Do whatever you wish, just kill the god damned enemy. I have equipped each squad with one M82 .50 Caliber rife, with a 12x scope, four M16A4 Assault Rifles, with 4x Chevron scopes, red dot sights and 6x scopes, with a M203 system with six forty millimeter grenades each, and three 40mm shotgun shells, and four UMPs. Also given to you, are four frag grenades each, and two smokes each. Use these to kill. I will drop supply's and and new weapons as you progress." Colonel Chandler said, as Delta Squad held on, as the truck turned around violently. and the back of their cargo truck was blown open, gore from Chandler spreading all over them. "Don't sit there! Get out!" Sergeant Cook, the leader of Delta said, as they fell out into the streets, and say the Hell in America.

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