Since Battlefield Bad Company 2 is about over, and I've had the game for about a year, I'd guess I'd share some stats of mine. (Stats accurate as of 2:35 AM BST from

I am a Level 34 Captain Rank I, I have played for 142 hours and 19 minutes. My kill/death ratio is .81 and and w/l ratio is 1.54 (cannon fodder FTW!)

Top 5 Weapons

  1. M1 Garand 429 kills 127 headshots (center mass baby!)
  2. UMP SPECACT 325 kills 116 headshors
  3. M24 237 kills 121 headshots
  4. WWII M1911A1 .45 192 kills 45 headshots
  5. 870 MCS 190 54 Headshots

The Jetski and the M393 are the only vehicles I haven't achived a kill with. My most kills came form the T-90 with 82 (0311 4ever!)

I've spent more time as an Engineer then my time as a Medic and Assault combined.

The only pin I haven't unlocked is Flag Defender (defend 4 flags in 1 round). I've gotten 319 Rush Winner pins.

I have 125 bronze dog tags, 195 silver, and 28 gold, for 348 dogtags from 328 differint people.

I would have to play about 268 more hours in order to become a Level 50 General.

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