This is part of SSDGFCTCT9's story. It involves a four man squad breaching a Soviet warehouse of unkown weapons.

Part 1

Chapter 1

"Okay, listen. This warehouse is filled with Communists. When we get dropped off in the streetswe bust down the door and gun down anyone inside. We'll get inside the warehouse, it's filled with boxes. Expect AKs blown' holes all over the place. We gun them all down, and take off our uniforms and leave our UMPs inside, and get into our civillian clothing, keep your Desert Eagle on you though, we might need them. We get to McDonalds. There I will order four cheeseburgers, a chocolate milkshake, and three McFlurry's. That will tip off our agent to come in and fake a robbery. He blows the phone connections and takes us hostages. There we escape and get smuggled into a flight to MEC. I'll talk more later." Captain Walker said, putting on his Black Operations gas mask on, as the SWAT like van they were in pulled over.

Corporal Wesker pulled out a flashbang and pulleds the pin and tossed into the streets, and slamming the door shut, and when he heard a bang, he, and the rest of his squad ran outside, and bust through the door. Screaming, Walker tossed a grenade inside and it destroyed everyone inside, as the squad moved into the warehouse section, a dim light covering a large floor area, all with wooden crates and boxes. Russian troops turned around and started blasting away at the American squad, and hit Wesker.

"Shit, Wesker is down. Take cover. Parker, toss an fire grenade." Wesker said, sliding behind a box, narrowly dodging a bullet to the face. Parker and Wesker sprayed the area with their submachine guns and stood up, and saw a bile of gore on fire. "Good, let him burn to hell. Juan, go check on Wesker, see if he is still ready to fight. If not, you know what to do." Walker said

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